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Telemedicine Visits Offered at Fremont Family Practice 

We are now offering telemedicine visits at Fremont Family Practice. These visits are thru a secure video software program (doxy.me) and are scheduled for 15 minutes. A virtual visit allows us to provide consultations for patients that do not require hands on examinations. Dr Harvey and Elizabeth Bayley ARNP will introduce this program that may be adopted by other providers in the clinic.Telemedicine has become very popular in the last 2-3 years in the United States. Telemedicine can reduce the cost of health care and increase efficiency through better management of chronic diseases, reduced travel time, lost productivity and transportation expenses. Telemedicine also empowers physicians and patients to actively participate in the immediate needs of one’s own health, leading to more successful health care outcomes.

Most of the larger insurances cover telemedicine visits but it is often plan dependent. We recommend patients verify their insurance coverage before doing the first telemedicine visit. Patients still have a copay if applicable. The cost for a telemedicine visit out of pocket is $50 which is not much more than the typical office visit copay.

How to get started with Telemedicine:

  1. Sign the telemedicine consent form, in the office or on our web site under Forms. https://fremontmedicaldental.com and return to us.
  2. Call the office to set up your appointment
  3. At the time of your visit call the clinic and pay your copay (if needed) or the full visit if not covered by your insurance. Then sign into doxyme from your  computer or mobile doxyme app with this address: https://doxy.me/drharvey or https://doxy.me/bayleyarnp.  Please be sure your computer or phone has a camera and microphone (in the on position).
  4. You will automatically be checked in the “waiting room” of your providers virtual office and will be accepted to begin at the time of your visit.
Schedule a telemedicine visit with Dr Harvey

Schedule a telemedicine visit with Elizabeth Bayley ARNP